The Pirate and the Amber Cat

Last Assault on Oak Island
Room of Fire
The Pirate and the Amber Cat
Not Another Vampire Story
Qut Gamers
With Sword in Hand
Walk of the Water Maiden
Circle of Secrets 1: Echo Forward
Dead States: Remnant
Sombra Mundus
Ever Change
The Next Top Model: Soul Society
Necropolis Now
Stray Moon: Oasis
Pen in Hand
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by Chancel Jordan
When seventeen-year-old Suili is abducted by a notorious pirate and held for an unnamed ransom, she's forced to learn dangerous secrets about her affianced husband.
Her future takes a turn as she discovers more about herself, and the man she's destined to marry.
*AU Fantasy, romance, pirates.
*Young adult, teen.

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4 out of 5 Stars
"I really enjoyed this book. However, there are certain points in the story where it becomes almost repetitive. Suli is a strong female character and does not know what she wants. All of these characters are believable and the story has some nice twists and turns. I only found one grammatical mistake. I think the author could have added more to the book to make it even better. I wish it was longer!"
4 out of 5 Stars
"This book is very good. All the charaters have depth. You cant stop reading until the very end! I loved this book, it has so many twist, i would love to have more books just like this. The senery stays mostly the same, on the pirate's ship, with a few times on land. Wonderful book, yet still geared toward teen years."

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